About Us

Casson Strength is the home of powerlifting and strength training on the Fylde Coast. With more than 40 members far and wide, we work with a family ethos – bringing people together with one goal in mind. Being better than you were the day before.

Coaches Dan Casson and Kieran Perry work and train under their own philosophy, having learned from great trainers and have found a unique blend of training that can cater to anyone.

We don’t believe in one size fits all programs or cookie cutter templates. Every individual here at Casson Strength has their own program to match their needs as an athlete. Yes, an athlete. If you want to move better, be stronger, be healthier or just be better than the day before, contact us here.

Our Coaches

Name: Dan Casson
Best Total: 620Kg
Favourite Lift: Squat
About: I started lifting many years ago to gain weight – typical skinny kid goes big story. Except, I used to be heavy, then I got skinny and then now I’m heavy again! I got into powerlifting from meeting local bench legend, Andy Rigby, and saw it as initially as a way into strongman.
However, I fell in love with the sport and grew from there. Along the way, I coached more than I trained and have recently got back to becoming competitive. Coaching is an art form and when done well, brings out the best in all athletes – regardless of ability. I have been a personal trainer now for over 5 years and in this time, I have loved the process of enhancing lives and shattering people’s perceptions of what they are capable of. Your self-belief is the hinge from where your results will come from and speaking from experience, found as a coach and a lifter, you can be far more than what you think. My best lifts are a 230kg squat, a 140kg bench and a 280kg deadlift in competition. I’m not done yet and there’s plenty more to come.
Name: Kieran Perry
Best Total: (Raw)560Kg (Equipped)
Favorite Lift: Deadlift..Duh
About: Similar to Dan, I am another skinny kid story. Growing up being pushed around and treated differently because people thought they could. On my vendetta to prove everyone wrong and change how I am perceived I fell into powerlifting. I came across the sport through YouTube, where people would post there weekly workouts. I have always loved sports, so using the sport to help direct my gym work and physique goals seemed perfect. This is where my goals started to split between strength and physique. Strength started to take a priority and my powerlifting journey began. Coaching powerlifting allows me to do two things, pass on my knowledge and love of the sport onto others as well as help people change their lives. Whether it be weight loss, weight gain, strength gain, confidence increase or injury rehab. Helping people achieve their goals is one of the best feelings a coach can feel. I hope to continue progressing as a athlete and a coach through expanding my knowledge base and my hard work ethics.